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Besides just its smell, scents have the capability to lead. Strongly connected to the primeval human instinct, scents are able to trigger and influence our emotions and decisions. Escape works with two conflicting ingredients, symbolizing and triggering escape.

The Menthol Crystals have the ability to chemically trigger our cold-sensitive receptors, naturally provoking cooling sensations throughout the body when inhaled or applied on the skin, where the Pheromones on the contrary naturally stimulate the primordial areas of the brain that control basic drives and emotions such as comfort and attraction.

Note: using Escape can cause a cooling and tickling effect on skin and eyes. The product consists of 100% natural ingredients and will not in any way be harmful for human nor environment.

Concept and design by Leanne Wijnsma
Essay on Instinctive Smell by Leanne Wijnsma
Scent created by Odo7
Website by Kris Borgerink

© Amsterdam 2013


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